Eurecat, the SELFY’s coordinator, participated in the HARMONY project’s final conference “Next Generation of Transport Planning Tools” celebrated last 24th of February in Barcelona (Spain).

The conference, focused on Sustainable Urban Mobility in Barcelona, brought together the international community of urban transport practitioners, and urban planners, policymakers, local authorities, and academics, to discuss key issues, highlight developments in mobility planning and exchange ideas in sustainable urban mobility.

During the Poster session of the conference, partners from Eurecat showcased the project’s rollup, highlighting SELFY as a key European project which is developing a toolbox of collaborative solutions to facilitate the comprehension of new challenges in the domain of security and cybersecurity of CCAMs.

In addition, the poster session showcased other EU-funded projects working in the transport and urban mobility sector: AWARD, Spine, ESRIUM, GAMMS, 5G Routes, Move2CCAM, Frontier and Tangent.

The HARMONY project has developed a holistic approach for providing spatial and transport planning tools and evidence to metropolitan and regional authorities to lead a sustainable transition to a new mobility era.