Congress & Exhibition

Eurecat, the SELFY’s coordinator, presented the project during the AI & Big Data Congress, the international conference on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the business sector, taking place from 27th – 28th of September in Barcelona.

Juan Caubet, Head of the IT & OT Security Unit of Eurecat, participated in the session “AI and cybersecurity: where and how do they join forces?” and introduced SELFY as one of the key European projects creating self-assessment protection and healing tools for a resilient CCAM’s ecosystem.

With the SELFY toolbox it will be possible to define a collaborative environment between the different tools to respond to new threats, risks and attacks that come up in the future, facilitating the comprehension of new challenges in the domain of security and cybersecurity of CCAMs.

The 9th edition of the AI & Big Data Congress, organised by CIDAI and Eurecat, presented trends and best practices of pioneering companies, new technological developments and their application and different relevant success stories in this field.