SELFY partner and Vice President of Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI), Dr. -Ing. Hans-Joachim Hof, presented SELFY’s Vehicle Security Operation Center (VSOC) at the 2nd Annual Auto-ISAC European Cybersecurity Summit “Sustaining the Present – Securing the Future”, that took place in Munich, Germany, on June 11 – 13, 2024.­

SELFY’s VSOC was presented during a fireside chat on stage with Giuseppe Serio, VP Market Development of Upstreams Security under the title “vSOC 3.0: Managing Cyber Risks at Scale”. During the talk Prof. Hof and Serio shared their perspectives on sharing Automotive Cybersecurity, the role of generative artificial intelligence in mitigating risk at scale and the developments being done in the SELFY project towards creating a Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC). Professor Hof promoted the unique vision of the SELFY VSOC, a multi-OEM VSOC associated to a cybersecurity toolbox to increase efficiency and effectiveness of cybersecurity monitoring.

Dr.Prof Hof at Auto-ISAC summitThe SELFY’s VSOC is part of the project’s toolbox of collaborative solutions against cyber-attacks, malfunction, misuse or failure in CCAM-enabled systems. Within the project framework, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI) is in charge for validation of the project results as well as for the design of the SELFY’s VSOC.

The Annual Auto-ISAC European Cybersecurity Summit is an automotive cybersecurity conference that showcases insights from manufacturers, suppliers, thought leaders, lawmakers, practitioners, and other stakeholders and highlights the commitment of members to trust, share, teach, learn, and act. This year the European Cybersecurity Summit was held in-person at BMW Welt in Munich, Germany.