Congress & Exhibition

The SELFY Project was showcased at the Forum Mobilités Transitions 2024 organized by ID4MOBILITY that took place in Rennes, France, on July 2nd, 2024.

A demo of SELFY Situational Awareness and cybersecurity resilience tools were displayed at the project stand. Additionally, the SELFY coordinator, Fanny Breuil, from Eurecat, and partner Romain Bellessort, from Canon Research Centre France, participated in two different round tables.

The project coordinator, Fanny Breuil, took part in the session titled “European Projects: A Prime Testing Ground for Mobility Innovation with Data Sharing as the Cornerstone”.

Likewise, the SELFY partner Romain Bellessort, intervened in the session “Are autonomous vehicles the future of public transport, even in low-density areas?”.

The SELFY project develops a toolbox made up of collaborative solutions with the objective to improve the resilience of the Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility sector. The project is conducting research and development on algorithms and technologies to build a set of tools to improve CCAM resilience and guarantee data security and privacy when different data is shared.