Facilitating the comprehension of new challenges in the domain of security and cybersecurity of CCAMs

The SELFY project aims to address continuous assessments of the robustness and resilience of CCAM-enabled mobility solutions versus cyber-attacks, malfunction, misuse or system failure of the systems in use.

To achieve this, the project develops a set of tools generating a distributed global solution, where protection, response and recovery decisions will be managed locally or globally, increasing the overall CCAM resilience.

The innovative solutions proposed by the project will integrate technological and cybersecurity approaches, such as the fusion of data from heterogeneous sensors, intrusion and cyber-attack detection systems based on algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence, as well as information and knowledge sharing.

SELFY’s solution will promote an improvement of the effectiveness rate in detection of vulnerable vehicles and security breaches, as well as an increasement of the mitigation rate.

Start-end date

1 June 2022 – 31 May 2025

36 months

Collaborative project

16 partners

8 countries

Funded under

Horizon Europe programme


Our vision

SELFY responds to emerging risks and threats requiring a global, distributed, decentralised and collaborative solution functional amongst static and mobile assets and actors of the CCAM ecosystem. The project is building its value proposition with potential to radically change the mobility and transport industry in mid-term

Víctor Jiménez

SELFY Technical Coordinator, IT & OT Security Technology Unit of Eurecat


Addressing four main pillars


Increasing and helping the acceptance and adoption of CCAM solution with technologies related to user empowerement.


Improving the resilience of the CCAM ecosystem by developing new tools to increase the ability to adapt and respond to cyber-threats and cyber-attacks.

Situational awareness

Addressing which type of data must be generated and collected and how can be used the different technologies related to the collection of information.

Data Sharing

Addressing advanced processing for detection of malicious events and decision-making through solutions related to the assurance of the information sharing process.


Situational awareness


Data sharing


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Safe and secure CCAM systems

Validated safety and security, improved robustness, and resilience of CCAM technologies and systems.

The main European leader

European leadership in the development and deployment of connected and automated mobility and logistics services and systems, ensuring long-term economic growth.

Trustworthy interaction

Secure and trustworthy interaction between road users, CCAM and conventional vehicles.

User-oriented CCAM-based mobility

Seamless and affordable user-oriented and goods-delivery CCAM-based mobility for public acceptance with clear understanding of its benefits and limits, as well as rebound effects.