SELFY infrastructure: an accurate & trustworthy model for CCAM

SELFY project aims at pushing towards a safer, more resilient and cybersecure CCAM ecosystem. To do so, vehicles and infrastructure have to cooperate, especially to build situational awareness and collective perception. In this blog post, we will tell you about SELFY infrastructure model. 

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Standard quality control concept

The Fundamental Role of Standardisation in the Future of Autonomous Vehicle Cybersecurity

In the rapidly advancing realm of autonomous vehicles, ensuring cybersecurity is not just an afterthought but a foundational necessity. With cars evolving into sophisticated computers on wheels, interconnected through intricate networks and algorithms, the need for standardised cybersecurity measures becomes paramount. Let’s delve into why Standardisation is crucial for safeguarding the future of autonomous vehicles. …

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SELFY project CCAM

 Cooperative Driving in Adversarial Environments

In recent years, highway capacity has become a limiting factor for efficient ground transportation. Traffic jams caused by an overwhelming number of vehicles on the roads increase fuel consumption and decrease travel safety and comfort.    A natural and direct solution is to reduce to a minimum the distance at which vehicles drive behind each other…

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Towards a safer, more resilient and cybersecure CCAM ecosystem

Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility (CCAM) will become a reality in the coming years thanks to improved connectivity and digitalization, and the evolution of solutions based on artificial intelligence and big data analytics. This will give rise to new cyberattack surfaces and vectors becoming new challenges in the cybersecurity domain. CCAM related services and products will…

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SELFY, Enabling Situational Awareness and Collective Perception

Automated Vehicles (AVs) may appear lonesome. Focused on their onboard perception systems to perceive their environment. Interpreting their surroundings, they stumble upon the world read, only with the aid of their onboard devices. They perceive the world through cameras, lidars, and radars to find their way through everyday traffic. But what if AVs had someone…

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Enhancing road safety: testing cybersecurity tools for vulnerable road users’ detection, platooning, and traffic management  

Do you know which use cases SELFY tackles? Use case definition is a very important step of Systems Engineering in large scale projects such as SELFY to meet everyone at the same perspective and provide a clear understanding of problems and solutions. The SELFY toolbox, a set of cybersecurity tools focused on situational awareness, cooperative…

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New cybersecurity toolbox designed to protect automated and connected mobility systems

The European SELFY project is to develop a self-assessment and self-protection toolbox to enhance the security and resilience of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) systems against potential cyber-attacks and malicious actions. This is at a time when around 50 million connected and automated cars are expected to be on the road in Europe by 2026.

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