The SELFY project was represented during the 2nd Edition of the Accessibility by Right seminars “Accessible and inclusive mobility” organised by CEAPAT, the Spanish Centre for Personal Autonomy and Technical Assistance, and celebrated last 14th of December in Madrid, Spain.

Aitor Fernández, president of AEVAC, participated in the event and talked about the most importance of the autonomous mobility and mentioned some of its most relevant benefits, such as the reduction of traffic accidents and contamination levels, and its role in the recovery of green areas.

On the other hand, Aitor Fernández highlighted the importance of the cybersecurity in the mobility sector and introduced SELFY, explaining the development of self-assessment, protection and healing tools for a resilient CCAM’s ecosystem. The members of the SELFY consortium are fully committed to achieving inclusive mobility, hence one of our objectives is to assess the social impact that these technologies will have on the integration of everyone.

CEAPAT, the State Reference Centre for Personal Autonomy and Technical Assistance, has the objective to contribute to making the rights of people with disabilities and the elderly effective, through comprehensive accessibility, support products and technologies.