First and foremost, we would like to thank you for participating in this study. With your collaboration, you will help us contribute to achieving much safer and more inclusive mobility, ensuring that the mobility of the future is accessible to everyone. 

What is the purpose of this survey? 

The purpose of this survey, conducted within the framework of the SELFY project, is to identify the main challenges that may arise for society in the context of cybersecurity, within the autonomous connected mobility sector. 

The survey is primarily oriented towards Europe but we hope it can be generalized to other regions of the world. 

AEVAC, in collaboration with Fundació Eurecat, is carrying out this study to validate use cases and gather opinions of society, related to gender issues, regarding the use of autonomous vehicles and associated technologies. 

Length of the survey 

This survey should take you approximately 1015 minutes to complete. 

Your participation 

We inform to participants that: 

  • Participation in this study is completely voluntary and your responses will remain anonymous.  
  • You may cease your participation at any time or refuse the use of your data for the study, without having to justify your decision.  
  • The survey can only be submitted once all mandatory questions have been answered and the submit button at the last page has been pressed.  
  • Once the survey is submitted, it will not be possible to modify it or request the deletion of your results.  
  • The data collected will be used exclusively by researchers from AEVAC, Eurecat, and the SELFY project. 
  • You can cease your participation at any time of refuse the use of your data for the study without having to justify your decision by sending an email to  

Data Controller 

For the conduct of these surveys, the Google Forms platform is being used as the data processor. Google Forms does not require user registration, thus responses will be anonymous. Upon completing a survey, the data will be transferred to AEVAC and Eurecat to perform a segregated analysis of the anonymous responses. Your data will not be transferred to third parties unless legally required, in which case authorization will first be sought from those involved. 

Data Protection 

Necessary technical and organizational security measures have been implemented to ensure the security of the data provided, preventing its alteration, loss, processing, and/or unauthorized access. Your responses will be treated confidentially and the information you provide will remain anonymous in any research outputs/publications. Data will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. 

About the SELFY project 

The SELFY project seeks to improve safety and privacy in the autonomous and connected mobility sector. To this end, it develops tools to ensure data protection during communications between vehicles and mobility systems, aiming to increase trust and facilitate the adoption of these technologies by users. 


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