SELFY project partners from CEA presented a paper at the FormaliSE conference, taking place on 14 and 15 April in Lisbon (Portugal) as a co-located conference of ICSE 2024. 

The FormaliSE conference series promotes work at the intersection of the formal methods and software engineering communities, providing a venue to exchange ideas, experiences, techniques, and results.  

CEA partner presented a paper “Finite Automata synthesis from interactions” during the session “Automata and applications”. The paper, authored by Erwan Mahe, Boutheina Bannour, Christophe Gaston, Arnault Lapitre, and Pascale Le Gall, proposes a new approach to generate finite automata from an expressive sub-language of interactions. Interaction models (akin to UML Sequence Diagrams and Message Sequence Charts) are highly suitable for modelling distributed behaviours and communication protocols, and they are equipped with operational semantics in the interaction-based V&V tool involved in the SELFY project. Thanks to this increment, applications such as monitoring can be envisaged. Up to now, the functions proposed in the tool concern offline runtime verification.

CEA is one of the 16 partners of the SELFY and contributes to the project with the development of several technologies for cooperative driving. SELFY is developing a toolbox made up of collaborative solutions with the objective to address continuous assessments of the robustness and resilience of CCAM-enabled mobility solutions versus cyber-attacks, malfunction, misuse or system failure of the systems in use.