The SELFY partner from AEVAC, Aitor Fernández, presented the project at the 5G Forum, that took place between the 6-10 May in Sevilla, Spain, and online.  

The AEVAC presentation, carried out on Friday 10 May, focused on the implementation of the Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) and challenges associated. Specifically, the progress on SELFY’s toolbox development for increasing the cybersecurity and resilience of CCAM was explained. Furthermore, the SELFY-project efforts to make autonomous vehicles more inclusive and accessible were also highlighted. 

AEVAC, the leading association in the autonomous and connected mobility sector in Spain, collaborates with the SELFY project by offering support to the use cases; disseminating the progress; offering training workshops and advising on the existence of standards applicable to the topics investigated. 

The 5G FORUM stands as Spain’s pioneering multidisciplinary assembly on 5G technology, annually showcasing the forefront advancements including 5G deployment, Internet of Things, smart cities, connected cars, health and telemedicine, to name a few.