Project partner CARISSMA – Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI) participated in the 21st escar Europe, the world’s leading automotive cybersecurity conference, celebrated from 15th – 16th of November in Hamburg, Germany.

Jenny Hofbauer, project partner and researcher at THI, attended the conference presenting the SELFY-related paper entitled “From SOC to VSOC: Transferring Key Requirements for Efficient Vehicle Security Operations”.

The paper presented addresses how characteristics of classical Security Operation Centers (SOCs) can be used for Vehicle SOCs (VSOCs) and defines in which aspects a VSOC that specialised in protecting vehicle fleets has to be adapted to the application area compared to an enterprise IT SOC.

Download the paper here

By presenting the work and publishing the paper, partners from THI contributed to the automotive cybersecurity community ensuring that the SELFY VSOC addresses academic, industry and government needs.

The escar conference overall objective is to establish a platform for collaboration among private industry, academia, and government concerning contemporary in-vehicle cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities and strategies for risk mitigation. The conference offers a great opportunity for information exchange and networking.