Tina Volkersdorfer, project partner from CARISSMA – Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI), attended the “Women in Security and Cryptography (WiSC)” workshop celebrated from 27th – 29th of June in Bochum, Germany.

During the workshop, she presented a SELFY-related poster and introduced the purpose and main challenges of security data models related to ISO/SAE 21434. Additionally, all the attendants discussed and exchanged different experiences of handling a newly published vulnerability and considering cyberattacks by design techniques, verification and validation techniques, but also in the scenarios for the planned overall Vehicle Security Operations Centre (VSOC).

The SELFY project is developing a toolbox made up of collaborative solutions in order to improve the resilience of the Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility sector (CCAM).

The workshop, organised by the Cluster of Excellence (CASA) as a sister event to the Women in Theory (WIT) computer security conference, was aimed at female PhD students and outstanding female students in the field of IT security and offered expert presentations and exchanges of senior and junior female researchers in this field.