The SELFY project was presented during the 5G FORUM, the first national multidisciplinary event around 5G technology, celebrated last 9th of May in Sevilla, Spain.

Aitor Fernández, project partner and president of AEVAC, participated in the event delivering the presentation “Mobility, the engine of progress: from Roman roads to autonomous vehicles”. In his presentation, Aitor Fernández highlighted the importance of connectivity (and more specifically 5G) in order to scale the development, deployment and adoption of technological solutions based on autonomous mobility. This need for connectivity implies paying special attention to cybersecurity, an issue that is taken into account by the entire ecosystem. In this regard, he presented SELFY as a key European project developing innovative solutions to improve the resilience of the Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility (CCAM) sector.

The SELFY project aims to address continuous assessments of the robustness and resilience of CCAM-enabled mobility solutions versus cyber-attacks, malfunction, misuse or system failure of the systems in use.

Finally, Aitor concluded with a proposal to the entire ecosystem to continue researching the development of this type of solutions in order to scale the model and guarantee security. Thus, he proposed the creation of an international consortium within the framework of the European Union to investigate the potential of combining 5G with Data Centers and hybrid cloud.

The 5G FORUM, organised by Sevilla City Office and the Digital Agency of Andalucía, brought together leading companies to share their experiences and present, also with real-time demonstrations, their latest advances to a highly professional audience.The event was focused on different topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Connected vehicles, digital health and smart tourism, among others.