Project partner CEA has presented the paper “Interaction-based Offline Runtime Verification of Distributed System”, produced by Erwan Mahe, Boutheina Bannour, Christophe Gaston, Arnault Lapitre (CEA) and Pascale Le Gall (CentraleSupélec), during the Fundamentals of Software Engineering Conference (FSEN) celebrated from 4th – 5th of May virtually and in Tehran (Iran).

The paper contributes to the interaction-based V&V tool which is part of the SELFY toolbox  with a proposal of an algorithm for offline runtime verification against interactions. This algorithm deals with observability issues that some subsystems my not be observed or that some events may not be observed when the end of monitoring on different subsystems cannot be synchronised.

In addition, the paper presented was recognised with the Best Paper Award by the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM), the entity organising the conference.

FSEN is an international conference that brings together researchers, engineers, developers and practitioners from the academia and the industry with the objective to showcase and discuss about their research work in the area of formal methods for software engineering.