Aitor Fernández, president of AEVAC and SELFY’s partner, participated in the 6th webinar of the InnovaTec project titled “Artificial Intelligence and autonomous driving” and celebrated last October 25th.

The webinar had the objective to discuss about the most innovative and relevant aspects of Artificial Intelligence, including some issues related to autonomous driving and how the use of these new technologies can make life easier for people with visual disabilities.

During the session, Aitor Fernández took the opportunity to introduce to all attendees the SELFY project which is developing an innovative toolbox promoting and improvement of the effectiveness rate in detection of vulnerable vehicles and security breaches, as well as an increasement of the mitigation rate. SELFY has also a special focus on the improvement of the mobility sector promoting new technologies that facilitate the life for people with different types of disabilities.

The InnovaTec project, developed by the Center for Tiflotechnology and Innovation (CTI), has the objective to promote accessible technological innovations that may be more interesting to blind or low vision people.