The SELFY’s coordinator Eurecat presented the project during the webinar “Mind the Gaps – are we ready for mixed traffic of autonomous and human-driven vehicles?” organised by the IEEE Standards Association last 21st of March.

During the webinar, key experts from different disciplines discussed the limitation of artificial and human decision making and covered possible solutions for the smooth and safe cooperation between automated and human-driven vehicles.

Fanny Breuil, project’s coordinator from Eurecat, delivered the presentation “Challenges and Opportunities of Mixed Traffic Management”, introducing SELFY as one of the key European projects developing innovative solutions in the field of Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility (CCAM) sector.

Additionally, the presentation included an explanation of FRONTIER, a EU-funded project coordinated by Eurecat, developing the next-generation of traffic management strategies for empowering CAVs integration, cross-stakeholders collaboration and proactive multi-modal network optimisation.

This webinar was organised within a series of events focused on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Automated Driving that are co-organised by Fanny Breuil as a member of the IEEE ICAD Industry Connections, a group working to develop new standards, products and services related to the mobility of the future and giving advice on the different challenges of the CCAM sector.