Congress & Exhibition

The SELFY’s coordinator Eurecat presented the project in the EARPA Spring Meeting celebrated from 7th – 8th of March in Brussels (Belgium).

Fanny Breuil, project’s coordinator from Eurecat, participated in the session “Foresight Groups: CAS & EPE & IPPD (former ICPD)”, presenting SELFY as a key European project in the field of automated and connected mobility.

The SELFY project is developing a set of tools generating a distributed global solution, where protection, response and recovery decisions will be managed locally or globally, increasing the overall CCAM resilience. With this solution, the project has the ambition to promote an improvement of the effectiveness rate in detection of vulnerable vehicles and security breaches, as well as an increasement of the mitigation rate.

EARPA is the association of automotive R&D organisations which brings together the most prominent independent research providers in the automotive sector throughout Europe. EARPA has 55 members ranging from large and small commercial organisations to national institutes and universities.