Canon Research Centre France



Canon Research Centre France S.A.S. (Canon CRF) is the Research & Development Centre of the Canon Group in Europe and is part of Canon’s global R&D.

Canon CRF has expertise in imaging, communication and artificial intelligence (AI). Its specific C-ITS expertise covers video-based object detection and geo-localization (pedestrians, bicycles, cars, etc..), deep learning, and ETSI C-ITS messaging.

Contribution to SELFY

Canon CRF will contribute to the development of a robust on-road cooperative perception system that provides resilience metrics and confidence calculations, by using multiple sensors of different types that increase trust on the object detection function performed by roadside units (RSUs).

It will also contribute to extending the capabilities of the on-board perception system by exchanging information with the infrastructure and adjacent vehicles, and by fusing information from vehicle cameras and other on-board sensors and collaborative perception messages received by the vehicle’s On Board Unit (OBU).