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Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE) is a research-driven university of international standing, where excellent research and excellent education go hand in hand. We focus on a balanced approach towards education, research and valorization of knowledge in the areas of engineering science and technology. Our engineers understand what the world needs and can translate scientific knowledge into societal value. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with other universities, scientific institutes, social organizations, government, and industry. We strengthen the knowledge-intensive industry by providing young academic engineers and by generating new business.

Contribution to SELFY

TUE will contribute to the project with the development of four main technologies for cooperative driving:

  • I. Security metrics and risk assessment methods;
  • II. Control, monitoring, and networking design tools to maximize robustness against cyberattacks.
  • III. Differential and information-theoretic privacy.
  • IV. Digital twins built on physics first-principles and data-based machine learning algorithms for performance assessment.