FEV is a globally leading engineering and digital mobility company who is expert in intelligent software and sustainable propulsion system development, as well as full vehicle engineering. FEV offers a broad range of development and engineering services including but not limited to sophisticated systems engineering, cyber physical system development, software- and E/E- integration for software defined vehicles with highly automated and safe driving functionalities, conventional- electric- and hybrid- powertrains, large engines, chassis and body design as well as vehicle integration and calibration of all.

FEV’s engineering capabilities span the entire mobility ecosystem including all on-road applications as well as rail, marine, aerospace, agriculture, construction, mining, and industrial applications.

Contribution to SELFY

FEV will coordinate establishing the system architecture, definitions of roles of each element / agent of the system, correct allocation of requirements to relevant components of the architecture.

FEV will build an AI-based system for continuous self-assessment and diagnosis as well as detection of anomalous situations; will develop linguistics based/inspired assessment and decision-making methodologies and so called “Social Norms” for the emerging CCAM Habitat to train Ais.

FEV will also develop security methods to protect the communication paths in CCAM from cyber-attacks; countermeasures to ensure integrity, confidentiality and authenticity on the communication channels; and the necessary mitigating actions against tampering and hazardous situations for the road traffic.

FEV will lead conducting initial verification and validation testing in forms of functional checks after integration and before the deployment for demonstrations; and will contribute with the validation of integrated SELFY toolbox in real-word environment according to the SELFY scenarios, as well as with the later harmonization and evaluation of the test results and performance assessments of the developed solutions.