FICOSA ADAS develops, manufactures, and markets cameras for the automotive industry. Our platform cameras can be customized to provide safety, vision or infotainment solutions to our customers. We offer a range variety of products to achieve all vehicle segments.

Its vision systems are embedded systems such as eMirrors (CMS), Surround View Systems (SVS), intelligent parking cameras and Autopark systems that comply with regulation and rely on automotive-approved components from major suppliers with whom we maintain close relationships.

FICOSA ADAS has years of experience developing and embedding state-of-the-art vision system software solutions. It is your partner for the integration of complex software in automotive systems.

Contribution to SELFY

Applied expertise on computer vision and vision systems on vehicles, delivering high-end situational intelligence and situational awareness through Deep Learning

Cyberphysical features recognition and anonymization thanks to DL algorithms, designed for privacy and trustworthy information treatment.