RMIT University



RMIT University, officially the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), is a public research university in Melbourne, Australia. With more than 90,000 students, it is one of Australia’s largest and most internationalised tertiary institution offering doctoral, postgraduate, undergraduate and vocational training programs in Melbourne and Vietnam. RMIT has a hub in Barcelona and actively participates in European research and innovation projects.

Contribution to SELFY

We will be co-supervising a doctoral student with THI providing our experience and supporting some THI’s activities in SELFY. Concretely we will use innovative techniques to integrate Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC), and Differential Privacy (DP) with Federated Learning. We will also provide added value to VSOC, working on hierarchical distributed algorithms where the computing nodes will work on smaller subsets of data and analytic results will be merged using hierarchical aggregation algorithms.

RMIT academics will share their experience to facilitate vulnerability testing and comprehensive analysis at the raw binary code level to ensure firmware applications are not compromised.

As an associated partner we will contribute to the international exploitational and dissemination of the project.