Congress & Exhibition

SELFY partner Virtual Vehicle Research showcased the project at the Lange Nacht der Forschung (the Long Night of Research, in English) that took place all over Austria on May 24th, 2024.

Virtual Vehicle Research opened its premises to the public in Graz, one of the 270 exhibition locations across Austria where the Long Night of Research was held. During the event, the project was presented to the visitors and the SELFY survey was shared to gather public opinions on the use of autonomous vehicles in the context of cybersecurity. Visitors were also able to experience the vehicle demonstrator and learn more about autonomous cars.

During the Long Night of Research, which took place from 5PM to 11PM in all nine Austrian federal states, companies, universities, and research organisations opened their doors to the public to showcase their competences and research. It is a great opportunity to introduce research topics to the public and explain in more detail how our research will benefit them in the future.