Congress & Exhibition

Víctor Jiménez, project’s technical coordinator and researcher at the IT&OT Security of Eurecat, participated in an online International Symposium organised by the Meiji University’s Institute of Autonomous Driving on August 19th.

The event presented the overall picture of automated driving projects and policy in the European Union, including ERTICO’s activities and the new 2020-2035 Roadmap of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Driving (CCAM).

During the session “Current Status, Strategy and Legal Challenges of Automated Driving in the EU”, Dr. Dreher, senior manager from ERTICO-ITS Europe, presented an overview of the automated driving policy context and R&I project landscape in Europe.

Additionally, during his intervention Dr. Dreher mentioned SELFY, as a key European project addressing continuous assessments of the robustness and resilience of CCAM-enabled mobility solutions versus cyber-attacks, malfunction, misuse or system failure of the systems in use.

SELFY’s solution aims to promote an improvement of the effectiveness rate in detection of vulnerable vehicles and security breaches, as well as an increasement of the mitigation rate.